SRC Councillor: Aananya Paatil

My name is Aananya Paatil. I am a second-year Politics major and a Legal studies minor seeking the position of councillor on the Acadia Students’ Union next year. For the two years that I have spent here, it has given me the confidence and exposure to get involved in various activities such as Acadia’s international student Ambassadors Program, First-year Representative of APSA (Acadia’s Politics Student Association).

The ASU is an organization led by students and for the students. I am running for the position of Councillor because I wish to represent myself as a strong advocate for the students and also my passion for the Acadia community. This position requires someone who is willing to stand up for the key issues faced by students and contribute to their well-being. I strongly believe I am cut out for this job as not only am I a good listener, but I am creative with my solutions to problems. My main goals next year will be: accessibility when it comes to mental and physical health, bringing a positive light to mental health issues during such a hard time and all in all to finding effective ways to reach the student body.

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You have good ideas with regard to what you want to do with the position. I will be supporting you!!