A Crash In The Distance

Waves crash against the sand in the distance as I look along the beach in the dim, blue light of nautical twilight. I can taste salt on my skin when I lick my dry lips where I had been biting them during the anxieties of the day. The sand feels like ice between my toes as the warmth of the sun dissipates. My dress brushes lightly against my thighs and to stop the tickling I sit down and sink into the dune. Somewhere a fire burns, adding light to a rapidly darkening scene, but I can’t see it. Knowing it is there however, brings a smile to my lips and I close my eyes to continue listening to the crash of the waves in the distance. When I open my eyes again I find your hand on my shoulder and realize the crash of the waves have climbed further up the beach, and they are not so far in the distance anymore