Get ready get set it’s time to go
fighting a battle but only you know
Constantly watching never stopping
Desperately wanting A new way out
No reason to stay they all went away
no one will pray or hear you shout
The one that’s inside never dies
It will take over don’t close your eyes
Fighting through all the deceit and lies
Its finally time to cut loose those ties
Just keep on walking bring your demise
For all around it is no surprise
Look around as nobody tries
to help you out the outer you cries
Grab the knife start the fire
maybe get wood for the pyre
Everything everyday falls upon you
You try to handle don’t know what to do
and before your voice breaks through
You let the rope snap your neck in two
But here is the thing life did not end
Tell me why that is my dearest friend.
Could it be that the world has won?
Is this a sign your time is not done?
Look around you what do you see,
Family and friends in agony,
Your mother crying on what you would be,
Your father grieving down on one knee,
Your brother or sister clinging tightly
To the bed where you lie formally.
Why do I bother to tell you these facts
Look at how much your loved ones react!
You are young and have a reason to live
The world might take much more than it gives
but know that your life is not a pawn
not just an item sprawled out on the lawn
Everyone matters
Everyone should care.
Think one more time
and don’t just stare
At that image in the mirror saying give in.
Life is a gift and the line is too thin
Put on a smile lift up that chin
Don’t let the evil win
You are as beautiful as the stars of the night,
but now it’s time,
You choose what’s right.