Don’t Go Too Far

Don’t go too far, my love,

my darling, watch the waves and the

pounding surf wash upon the sand,

whirling forth in a flurry of salt and sea and sun.

Don’t trust those white caps while you wander

forth into a wondrous world, they’ll cheat you.

Watch the tide, the rise, fall, pull of water

As you laugh, gleefully, in the face of it.

Don’t stay out too late, my hope,

my daughter, watch the boys who laugh,

and smile and dance and disappear like

sea mist on a sunny morning. Don’t let

yourself get caught, ensnared in their nets,

harpooned like a wild, exotic sea creature,

who chanced upon their boats.

Don’t forget this moment, my pride,

my joy, my sunrise over the horizon, rising

above as ever. Don’t rush by roses and flowers

like sailboats in the distance, colourful, quaint,

and entirely out of reach. Don’t miss out on laughter that

bubbles over like foam on sugar soft beaches, or

dreams that float on currents of moonlight and magic.

Don’t go too far, my heart, my comfort,

my ray of sun on windswept days, my summer

breeze, lightly pushing me onwards, across

oceans and seas and lakes and rivers. Don’t leave me,

my guide, my seashell path down a barren coast, my

wave of adventure who will wash over me, drag me under,

teach me of the ocean, the worlds in which I wander,

and wash away. Don’t go too far, my mother.