Your fingertips trace the line of my spine and I shiver with an unexplainable, uncomfortable pleasure. I close my eyes and my head tilts back to invite your warm lips to dance across the vulnerable skin of my neck. I clench my fists around the soft sheets beneath me and my back arches against your hard body. Suddenly your kisses that are filled with love, lust, and concern for only me feel as if they are choking me. Your lips may have pressed slightly too hard into my throat and now I can’t help but to stiffen my body and tear my eyelids open. I regain control. It’s when your strong, safe hands slide down and around my body to find my wrists and pull them up over my head that I start to panic again. I can’t move, and to calm myself I stare hard at your face and repeat to myself who you are and you wouldn’t let anything happen to me. In your eyes I can see my reflection and it says: you will never be free.