I am not
I am not still.
I am fabricated by false realities
Your lies settle
beneath the surface,
under my skin.
My heart is peeled,
sliced into thin slabs of betrayal
or do you eat it whole?
Grab onto it with greedy clenched fists
and take a bite only to spit it out,
then reach for another.

How bitter.

And the cavity resides between my lungs
it grows so dark it swallows me
from the inside
no air.

Other times the emptiness makes me lighter
and I can float
from what weighs me down.
I am air.
a gentle rosiness kissing
your cheek or a sharp gust
that gets caught in your throat.
When you fall,
I would wrap around you,
holding you up from the ground
and now
you can no longer grasp ahold of me,
I slip away.
but you will always feel me.

You will choke because you need me.

no air no air
no air.

I will always be there.