Something Else

I’ve met a girl that I think I can raise hell with

And since I don’t feel this a lot

I’m convinced that I can sell this —

She’s got my words printed on her wall  

But I’m working on making it down from up on her shelf

Since I’m damned if I think about this girl as anything less   

Than something else —

Loving when she smiles is fun

And so is letting all the jokes be nicknames and banter

But there’s a difference between casual flirting

And thinking you gotta have her —

Im not sure where to try and start with her

Because it is new for me to think this way

But I’ve listened just enough to know

That she doesn’t like coffee

So I’ll have to come up with a better date —  

The idea is that when you think someone’s not real

You’re supposed to stop, take a breath and pinch yourself

But thats a rule for dreaming

So I’m playing it like she might just want me for being no one else —

She can party with wine, but prefers chips and soda  

I swear to god I have never been so crazy about a girl

Who ends the night off with me sleeping on her sofa —

It doesn’t matter that it’s not comfy

Or that breakfast burns the house down

It’s that her face is something to write about

So I’ll keep on coming around —

She is the cute little rarity that is blocked out by an ordinary crowd

But it’s as if nobody else ever existed   

When she blushes over the stupid things I’ve written down —

Yet, until I can prove I’m not just playing around  

She’ll let my lines keep stuck in her head

But her eyes will stay put on the ground —

She tells me to settle down

When she catches me struggling to find the perfect thing to say

And it is the best reminder

That this girl couldn’t care about anything important ever anyway —

So before I go on any more

And try to convey the rest

I’ll just say I’m excited

To have met someone

Who is so perfectly

Something else.