Tale of the White Sea: Part 4

It jumped at him, the mandibles clicking together while it was in the air, Carson moved backward tripping on a small stone crack, and landing on his back. The teeth missing him by inches as the creature flies over his body and lands a few feet from him. Landing on its pointed appendages with ease as it began to turn around.

Reaching for his sword, he seemed to find the metal hilt just in time as the creature lunged at him again, sinking its teeth into the shoulder blade of its victim. As a cry of pain escaped the man, he managed to draw the sword at full length and proceeded to take a swing. The creature sensed it and jumped back just as the blade began to swing. While most of the damage was avoided a shallow cut now resided in one of the appendages in the front. A small trickle of violet blood began to flow from this appendage. It slowly backed away and ran away up the steps.

His attention now focused on the creature before him, gave chase screaming “Come back here!” The creature seemed to be gaining distance as they both entered the main hall from which he first entered, and standing there was thirty identical creatures all looking at him with hungry eyes. Carson stood frozen understanding that any sudden movements could be his last. Looking ahead he could see that he was only a few feet from the doorway. His heart pounding with the sound of a hammer against an anvil, the sweat beading down on his face as the humidity of jungle before him swept into the now open room of nightmares.

He ran forward, slashing left and right with no determined direction, just hoping to keep the creatures off of him till he reached the door. They bit and stabbed him everywhere from his foot to his chest causing blood to flow freely throughout his body. Occasionally a wound almost manages to make him fall over in these crucial seconds but, he manages to pull through. He steps outside he immediately runs down the steps and onto the path that brought him to the ruin. What he sees on that beach gives him the name The Fallen Captain.

As he approaches the beach running towards his salvation. He sees The Rising Sun burning with the light of a thousand candles as the deck is aflame with crewmen jumping overboard as the fire licks the bodies. A maniacal laugh echoes through the water, and Carson recognizes it in the distance. It is the rest of his team that went on the island all screaming in near perfect unison “The damn Scrallers!! They must be burned in hell!!!

As the sight of what was a proud merchant’s ship slowly decaying ingrains itself into the mind of Carson the ship explodes Boom!! And everything he had ever built, accomplished, or even hoped for had disappeared in that moment.

March 19th

I’m sitting here on this beach, a week after that disaster happened. Gathering supplies from the wreckage. I’m writing these events down in case someone comes along. There is nothing here for you, turn back or you will suffer the same fate as I did. The gold was a lie, I went back to the ruin and found no monsters and no gold just a bunch of old rocks and stone. Beware the thorns, I think it does something to people. I’m going back for the last time and staying there. I’ve lost everything no crew or wealth. The White Sea has its beauty and this island is the other part of that. The part that should be hidden. Don’t look for me.

Carson (Formerly Captain)