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That Fresh Air at 2am

It’s unfair how the city can sleep.

Despite the thunder and the all the rain.

While I just keep starring.



Wondering if you’re out there

Thinking of me?

Wondering about me?

Even though we’ve yet to meet

Or even share our names.


I wonder love, where are you?

Out there, through the rain.


Tonight, everyone in this lonely city sleeps.

Tucked away, warm and dry.

The thunder cannot touch them,

Wrapped with the one they love best.


Yet here I am,



My eyes strained

Trying to peer through the rain warped window-pane.

Ears buzzed, trying to hear your hearts whisper

Over the crashing waves of thunder.


I hope, my love, that someday soon you’ll come find me

Hear me, see me.

Pick me from among the throbbing hordes of this lonely city.

Call my name from among the thousands.

See my light, in the ocean of stars.

Hear my song from among the world’s symphony.

And harmonize the same.


But, perhaps, that must wait.

Until the clouds roll on, and the rains go by.


For now, let the city sleep,

The lovers love

let the rain caress

And the thunder roar.


I’ll just open that window

And light my cigarette

And breath in that fresh air, at 2am.

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Wonderful writing! 😁 A fantastic read!