The Absence of Oxygen

While I was swimming in crystal clear water, I saw my memories of you.


That first time we kissed, you ran your fingers through the tangled mess I called hair.

My eyes were closed, yet I knew you were smiling.

The first time I said I loved you

your eyes met my own,

and your hands wrapped themselves in mine.


Feeling heavier, I’m dragged deeper under water.


The last time we kissed, your fingers were ice cold.

My eyes were closed, but I knew yours were open.

The last time I said I loved you

your eyes looked up at the stars while tears rolled down your cheeks,

your hands were pressed together.


I see my reflection off something in the water.

My eyes filled with panic,

the tangled mess of hair floating,

reminding me of your touch.

I felt myself drowning.


I looked up, expecting your hand to pierce the water and save me.

I waited;

and it never happened.

You never came back.