To the stranger sitting by the window

With a glass of whiskey on the table.

Eyes staring out into limbo

A black round bowler hat that might make you a label.


Who are you?


Cheeks as thin as paper

Hands larger than wolf claws.

Until I noticed later

Your face that was running from the law.


What are you?


Your face shown since time began

Yet no name to be said.

The expression that is so deadpan

An ageless person that has slept in many a bed.


When are you?


With the rain showering down

Your thoughts seem to drift into space.

Nothing indicates you seek renown

I could be wrong. There could be a soul that’s looking for a place.


Where are you?



To seek redemption even in darkness

As a smile turns in my direction.

And walks towards me I have to ask


Why are you…?