The Storybook

You are a closed book to new readers

allowing them a glimpse of the forward

and keeping the rest a mystery.


These pages are only shown to those you trust

will carefully dust off and read word for word,

chapter to chapter; layers once thick

begin to tear away.


I know some people can be cruel

they’ll pick you up,

skim your pages,

and get frustrated when they don’t understand

you are far above their reading level.


You may want to close your cover once again

retreat back towards the shelf,

seeking protection from a world

that can cause so much pain.


But just know you are strong

your spirit resilient,

and your words empowering.


This is a really long way to say

that while I believe you deserve the world

I know it does not deserve you.


A person with so much potential;

there is no preface that can measure up.