Some of you may not know this, but the Al Whittle Theatre is hosting a smartphone film festival. You heard me. A smartphone film festival. Meaning, you don’t need any experience or fancy equipment to participate. You just need a dream, a phone, a slight creative impulse, windows movie maker, and a little bit of moxie.


All of the details can be found on their website (www.alwhittletheatre.ca), so go check it out! The deadline for submissions has been extended to November 10th, which you may think is no time left at all, but actually, it is plenty of time. I think it took me roughly 30 hours to complete my submission.

If just the excuse to make a film is not enough for you, there will be a VIP Red Carpet Gala Screening held on Friday, November 24th, and if your film is chosen, you will get to watch your film on the big screen. I am hoping that my project “SOAP: A Film by Emily Ellis” will reach this level of stardom, and I want you to join me on this journey. That is all.
P.S. Even if you don’t enter, you are still invited and encouraged to attend the gala screening. Catch me there either in my finest gown or in a sweat suit crying in the corner.

P.P.S. Oh, and bring tissues. Either you will need them because my film will bring you to tears, or I will need them because I am not watching my film and it has crushed my spirit and temporarily stripped me of moxie.