SRC Decoded: What You Missed October 31st

Every week, your elected student government meets on a Tuesday night to talk about issues concerning the ASU. Agenda items can seem long, mysterious and confusing without the proper background, making it difficult to see how these issues affect students. Here’s what happened at the last meeting on October 31st:


Sam Nixon, VP Academic and External, discussed the work she has been doing with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) and Students Nova Scotia (SNS). SNS is the provincial advocacy organization comprised of 6 schools, 3 of which are universities and the other 3 are NSCC. Sam Nixon is the Vice Chair for Nova Scotia students this year. The organization works to advocate student needs to the province, such as financial aid.

CASA is the federal organization which voices the Nova Scotia students’ voices on a national level. It is made up of 22 schools, along with five full time staff members. This organization has a main focus on research and policy.

Alumni Mentorship Network Proposal

Colin Mitchell, the Student Board of Governor Rep, and Chris Saulnier, Community Relations Officer, have passed their proposal for an Alumni Mentorship Network. Council was updated by Sam Nixon and Oliver Jacob, Chairperson, as the proposal had been sent to their respective committees, Academic Affairs and Governance. The proposal was passed with amendments. The proposal is a plan to create a network between Acadia Graduates and Acadia Alumni to create potential career connections.

ASU Green Food Services and Retail Procedures Proposal

George Philp, Sustainability Officer, wants to create guidelines to make campus greener by investing in Fair Trade Coffee, reducing the use of plastic bags, and investing in items like reusable cups and glasses to reduce the use of straws. He wants Chartwells to have stricter guidelines to follow and work with ASU staff as well as Executive members to make way towards these changes.

Madison Hathaway is the Student Politics Correspondent for The Athenaeum and a third year Honours student in Politics & French