Ask Ellen – January 20th

After a short hiatus, the “Ask Ellen” column has returned to The Athenaeum. Follow along for answers to all of your most pressing questions.

What is the average age to get married these days?

Women’s Health Magazine says that the average age for women to get married in last years study is 27.4 years. The average age for men to get married was 29.5 years. I don’t know about you but close to 30 sounds good to me.

Should I bulk or cut?

Depends on what you already look like. If you look like this:

Please, cut. But if you look like this:

You might want to think about bulking. It’s totally up to how healthy you are and how you feel, though, don’t let me tell you how you’re supposed to look.

Is eating a plant based diet looked at positively or do people associate it with a superiority complex?

As long as you’re healthy and are getting the nutrients you need as well as eating a plant based diet for good reason, I personally think it is looked at positively. If someone thinks this is associated with a superiority complex they are probably the ones with the superiority complex issue. Think about it, if someone has an issue with what you eat, as long as it’s humane, they have the problem.

Have you ever committed a crime?

100% yes. Many different ones. Nothing too serious but little things like underage drinking and smoking weed or doing drugs. I think I’ve shoplifted once or twice and may have gone over the speed limit before. Oh! I once (accidentally) ran a red light. I feel like this is a confessional, for I have sinned. Just an opinion, but I feel like if you are safe about it you can try things at your own risk.

I can’t make a decision, would you rather end every sentence with an animal noise of your choosing, or lick your palm after every handshake for the rest of your life?

Animal noise. I would say a lot of run-on sentences so I would only really have to use the animal noise a few times a day. Also we are animals so I could just make a noise that I do anyway. I’m that person that gets around questions like this through technicalities, even though I know you meant an animal noise like a dog, cat, cow etc. 🙂 Handshakes are inevitable and that’s disgusting.

Ellen Merchant is a fourth year Politics and English student. If you have something to ask her anonymously, you can do it right here.