2016 Acadia Students’ Union By-Election – Your Candidates

14203377_1025423654237027_3252954718056433837_nOliver Jacobs

Hey! I’m Oliver Jacob and I am a first year student from Arnprior, Ontario studying a Bachelor of Arts with Double Major in Political Science and French. I have been heavily involved in student leadership and volunteer work within my home community including sitting on the Ministers Student Advisory Council in 2013-2014. I have been heavily involved with Free The Children raising awareness for poverty and child labour in developing countries while teaching Canadian students that they are the leaders of today not tomorrow. This is what drew me to contribute to my local and global communities but more than that, I want to make a difference in your lives. I am committed to do everything that I can to create an environment here at Acadia where all students can achieve excellence in anything they put their minds to by creating a safe learning environment that promotes diversity and leadership.


10608555_10204854501468198_4407368222101557376_oDena Williams

Hey Acadia! For those who don’t know me, I’m Dena! My hopes in running for Equity Officer is to help create an environment where anyone can feel free to be themselves. Attending a school where you’re truly embraced by the student and staff body is crucial to our individuality and builds a foundation for the diversity we have on campus. I’ve had many experiences at Acadia which have affected me as a underrepresented minority on campus, although positive and negative these experiences have led me to want a position where I can emphasize the need for change and be part of the process. I love this school, and to have the opportunity to make it better would be an honor! I am more than ready to sit at the table and present the true vibrancy of Acadia in the SRC! Thank you for this opportunity!


dsc_0138Colin Mitchell 

Think different.

Two words uttered by Apple in 1997. Think different.

It meant to think beyond the bounds of the possible. We live in a world where we’re told the only way forward is coding or numbers.

I disagree. The arts permeate every aspect of our lives, and as Arts Senator I’ll make sure they retain the same importance at Acadia.

For nearly 150 years the arts have had an incomparable impact on Acadia. As a Senator I’ll ensure that the Faculty of Arts is fairly and equitably represented, with no program left behind. From English to Drama, Politics to Sociology, every program matters.

This school’s diversity is a strength, not a weakness.

On the Senate I’ll work tirelessly to ensure that the Arts stay strong, today and tomorrow.

So let’s think different. From September 29-30th, vote Colin Mitchell for Arts Senator.



Chantalle Byron

My name is Chantalle Byron. I’m in my 4th year majoring in Biology and Chemistry. I’m from Antigua, in the Caribbean. I am capable to serve as your equity officer due to my experience on my high school’s council and serving as the Public Relations Officer for my college’s Rotary Club. Also, I belong to a few of the underrepresented groups that contribute to Acadia’s diversity.

As Equity Officer, I intend to keep an open mind and an open door to the concerns of any student. I will coordinate my efforts with organizations on campus, already working towards equal representation. I aim to help smaller clubs develop into successful, influential organizations like Acadia Pride or the Women’s Centre. The importance of knowing support is available cannot be overstated. I will take the concerns of the entire student body seriously to ensure that everyone has the best possible Acadia U experience!



Max Janes

My name is Max Janes and I am running for SRC Council. I have a wealth of experiencing in working with others, and know how to get things done. Your ASU constitution is designed to ensure that you as a student have your rights respected, and the SRC council is the governing body elected by students that takes the time to read and be aware of constitutional infringements and the like. If elected, I will put the needs of the students first, ensuring that there are resources available when needed, and that students of all identities and backgrounds will have their voices heard. Every student deserves to have a voice, and I will listen to every voice willing to speak.



tessa-janes-headshotTessa Janes

Formally the head of Acadia Pride and now the head of the Women’s Centre after two years as an ASU Internal Organization coordinator, I’m well versed in the intricacies of the student government; specifically how to actually get things done instead of just creating groups and committees to talk about it. The SRC is the group that really controls what goes on. Elected by, and responsible directly to, the student body it’s the SRC that votes on everything from budgets to off-campus affairs, and I really want to be a part of that and make some serious changes. Too often there are students who run your student government like a friends club, not really having your interests in mind or really understanding their role. In government I’m going to make sure those union dues you pay go a lot further (because right now if you’re not angry about things, you should be).


josieJosie Cross

Hi, my name is Josie Cross. I am a second year student studying Psychology. I am running to be a Councillor because I feel it is great way to get involved with the school. As a second year student, and after volunteering with the Acadia Student Union, I now have a better understanding of how the student council works. My goal as councillor would be to make sure all students have a voice no matter their year of study. Everyone deserves an equal chance to share their opinion whether they’re involved with the school or not. Another thing I would do is make sure there were more events held on and off campus to allow students to interact more with each other and the university. Thank you, and vote for Josie! 🙂


boobieCarter Bobbie

My name is Carter Bobbie and I am a 4th year politics student running to be an ASU councilor. Getting involved in the ASU community is something I have always wanted and believe this opportunity is a fantastic way to contribute and show change. I am an enthusiastic, hardworking student that will step up to the plate and hit that home run when we need it. I will put forward only the best and dedicate myself in listening too the student body’s concerns regarding matters within Acadia because that is what the student body deserves. I continually push myself to achieve the best and will work day and night to get the job done. Acadia has given me so much and I would be thrilled to give something back. I believe I would best represent as well as promote the student body and would relish the opportunity to become a student councilor.


chettaBrandon Giacchetta

Hi, my name is Brandon Giacchetta, and I’m currently a fifth year student studying business. The reason I’m running in this election is because Acadia has given so much to me, that I feel I should try my best to give back to Acadia. My main goal is to make sure every student at Acadia, will have their voice heard on any issue they believe is important. Student equability will be a large focus of my campaign, and if elected it will be the focal point of my role. No student should ever have to feel like their opinion doesn’t matter, and I’m going to make sure they know it does.

Vote For Brandon!


calumCalum McCracken

Hello my fellow Acadia peers! My name is Calum McCracken and I am a fourth year political science student, with a minor in legal studies. Moreover, I am running for the vacant Student Councillor position alongside my colleague, and fellow political science student Carter Bobbie! I am committed to fulfilling the duties of said office, and will strive to represent the entirety of the student body. Further, I will remain receptive and considerate to the diverse pallet of issues and interests that populate our Acadia community. As a political science student whom studies contemporary, cultural, and administrative issues on an intellectual level, I believe I can offer a unique input on matters pertaining to the sociopolitical makeup of the Acadia community. Over my three-year career at Acadia University I have gained insight both inside and outside the classroom, and hope to be given an opportunity to let my actions reflect this, if given the opportunity to hold the office of Student Councillor.


athheadshotMichael Rumsby

My name is Michael Rumsby and I’m from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. I’m also a second year Engineering student as well as President of Cutten House. The reason I took on a leadership role in Cutten was so that I could make a difference in the lives of students here at Acadia. I’m looking for an opportunity to be in a position where I can reach a much larger portion of students. My hope is to become a councillor so that I can get input during office hours from a wider range of students so that we can make Acadia as great a school as possible for all students. We can’t solve any issues if they are not discussed and I would like to be the person you can talk to, to make a difference at our beautiful school.




Ryan Myers

Hello all, my name is Ryan Myers and I am a fourth year music major running for Equity Officer for the ASU! Being a thoroughly involved student on campus and with the Wolfville community, I have had the pleasure to meet a wide spectrum of individuals over my first three years at Acadia. As a member and strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, I feel that all of our contrasting differences complement one another to make our campus truly prosper. In this way, I believe that equal opportunity for all students is a necessity for the well-being of our student body. I hope to be a friendly face that any student will feel comfortable approaching with questions, concerns, or even just to chat! On September 29th and 30th, I graciously ask you to vote Ryan Myers for Equity Officer!


img_1253Alyssa Hall

Hello, my name is Alyssa Hall and I’d like to represent you as a council member in the Acadia Student Union. I am currently a second year business student here at Acadia and couldn’t be happier about it. Originally from Quispamsis NB, I’ve been blessed to move from one beautiful valley to another. I pride myself on my open-mindedness and will always be happy to take suggestions and ideas to better your experience with the Acadia community. My focus if elected will be ensuring that the student body at large is heard. In addition to my regular office hours, I am always open to talking with student at other times when requested. I believe school needs to be a balance between academics and extra-curricular, while always taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing. Thank you for your consideration and I encourage you to vote for the candidate you best believe will represent your voice.


14513789_10208804360999565_1457070761_oJulianna Mutch

Hello Acadia, I’m Julianna Mutch and I’m a fourth year Politics and French double major from Moncton, NB who would love to serve you all again as a Councillor on the Students’ Representative Council. During my time at Acadia I have been involved with S.M.I.L.E., student ambassador tours, and as a Councillor for two years. During my two terms as Councillor I was able to meet many amazing Acadia students and help inform them on what’s going on with the Students’ Representative Council, as well as putting on programs which involved promoting positive mental health and to bring awareness to the SRC, the ASU’s Internal Organizations and the Town of Wolfville. If re-elected I would like to focus on issues pertaining to consent and to further strengthen Acadia’s relations with the Town of Wolfville. It would be an honour and a pleasure to serve you all. Please VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!