Acadia Represented in Red Bull ‘Can You Make It?’

April 10th marks the day that our very own Red Bull Can You Make It? Team departs from Acadia and is dropped in Madrid to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

“Team Sorry”, a team comprised of Gabrielle Bailey from Acadia University, Kinnon Job from Lakehead University, and Lexi Pullen from Saint Mary’s University, was selected out of 100+ Canadian applicants as winners of the RBCYMI challenge. They will be dropped in Europe along with 200+ other student teams from 60+ countries across the globe, where they will have seven days to travel to Amsterdam using only cans of Red Bull as currency.

The team will hand over their cash, cards, and phones in exchange for 24 cans of Red Bull. On April 10th, all teams will leave from their respective starting points and will have one week to make it to Amsterdam!

Along the way, Team Sorry will create their own path by visiting checkpoints in major European cities. They will be posting photos and videos of their journey, completing as many tasks as they can. If you want to follow their journeys, make sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and like, favourite, or retweet their posts to show your Nova Scotian support!

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Best of luck! Enjoy the experience! ❤️???✈️

GO Team Sorry GO!!!!!!! You guys got this!!1

What an experience for the three of you! One very important thing to remember – don’t drink the RedBull, it could be your next meal.