Community Relations Representative: Wes Lepine

This is my last year at Acadia. I want to be as involved as I can in with the current students and residents of Wolfville. I love the community I live in. I have been a student leader in many clubs over the past few years, this year I want to be a student leader for all the off-campus students. My biggest goal is to help build positive relationships with the students and residents of Wolfville. I have a very large network of individuals who can help me make this happen. I have future plans to set up a few programs to help bridge the gap between these two parties. I want to find a safe and feasible way to increase student engagement in the community. I would love to take on the role of Community Relations Representative so I can represent the interests of the folks involved. I want to work at breaking down the division. Through my years at Acadia, I have developed the necessary skills in stakeholder management, communications, and public speaking where I feel I will be a very successful applicant for the position.