Arts Senator: Ava Clarke

Hi, I’m Ava! I’m a third year history major, minoring in classics. I’m running for Arts Senator because I believe in student empowerment and want to help make my peers feel heard. Even more so, confident that their concerns will be addressed. I strive to shape the Arts Department into a community in which everyone feels supported, valued, and inspired to reach their full potential.

Some of my goals are:

1. To help provide students with valuable academic resources

2. Create opportunities where arts students can meet and form meaningful connections

3. Build a judgment-free, safe environment where all students can voice their concerns, challenges, and ideas! If elected, I will be a fair representative of Acadia’s arts students but, bigger than that I hope to encourage more of the student population to vote and bring their opinions to light.

Feel free to reach out and learn more. Thank you!