SRC Councillor: Aaron Majid

Hello, I’m Aaron Majid. I’m a third-year at Acadia with a focus on Politics. I’ve been lucky enough to have been at Acadia for three full years, entering my fourth and final year next year. I came to Acadia knowing no one, but sure enough, this University made me feel at home. I look to give back to my University and be a resource to those already attending and those arriving, which is why I’m running for one of two Councillor positions. I’ve always enjoyed helping others and getting to know the people I share a place with, as well as taking leadership roles in my community, and as Councillor, I look forward to working with my team, peers, faculty, and the people of Wolfville, making sure that we ALL enjoy the short time we are lucky enough to share together and that everyone’s voices are heard and considered.