ASU By-Election Candidate Platforms

Presidential Candidate

Suzanne Gray


“Hello Acadia students!

My name is Suzanne Gray and I am running for the position of President for the Acadia Students’ Union.

A little bit about myself: I am a 4th year business student with a major in French. I am from Hubley, NS but call beautiful Wolfville my home. During my Acadia experience I have been heavily involved with the ASU and held various leadership positions. I know the ASU inside out and I love working for students!

A little bit about my platform: It consists of action items that will benefit students in the short and long term.

  • Develop Sexual Health initiatives, similar to the work I have done with alcohol harm reduction, alongside Student Services
  • Work with the Office of the Chair to improve succession planning
  • “Clean up” internal governance and ensure that the constitution is current and responsive to any challenge that may arise
  • Work towards making the ASU Students’ Centre completely accessible and work with the University for accessibility in all campus buildings
  • Bring the Axe Lounge renovation project to referendum so you, the students, can provide direction
  • Create a long-term agreement with the Associated Alumni of Acadia University which will benefit us as students and future alumni

With my passion and experience, I believe I can effectively manage the Executive Leadership Team to serve the students to the best of their ability. Let’s finish 2015/2016 off strong!

On November 12 & 13 vote Suzanne Gray as your President. Experience you can count on!”

Vice-President Communications Candidates

Bethany Dickey


Hi everyone! My name is Bethany Dickey and I’m in my fourth year at Acadia studying business. I’ve been extremely involved in the Acadia community since I started school here, and for my last year I’d love to be your Vice President of Communications. I want to make sure that everyone is always up to date and has all the correct information on ASU events, without overloading you with information! I have a lot of experience with communications; I was the Co-President of Enactus Acadia for two years which required me to act with all of our VP’s, Project Managers and stay in constant contact with all members. I was also the President of the Acadia Children’s Wish Society and I am on the Board of Directors for the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre. As a business student, I feel very qualified to professionally interact with the town and maintain good relations, and oversee the operations of clubs within the ASU. I pride myself on my organizational skills and time management abilities and know I could do a great job balancing all the roles of VP Communications.

In all aspects of my life I’ve utilized communication skills to the fullest; I’ve travelled to 19 countries over the past 3 years learning new languages. If you have any questions about my experience or my platform, don’t hesitate to reach out via email or social media! I’d love to chat about anything from Acadia to travelling!

Ted Higa


This lovely photo recollects memories of my time as a Resident Assistant in Cutten House during 2014/15 academic years. “How are you an RA?” people would truthfully joke. With an avid and outgoing social life, mixed with a crammed baseball schedule, balancing academics, all while providing the largest residents on campus with the support of an RA. Even I sometimes wonder how I was an RA!

It was a challenge, a challenge that involved sacrifices, critical thinking and lots of communication.

Utilizing leadership skills acquired through team experience with the Acadia Axemen, time management obtained through the business program and my extroverted personality to my strengths, I was able to connect with 300+ students in our building that was listed as the 9th best residencies in Canadian schooling by the Huffington Post.

Throwing a Taco dinner for 60 residents, jumping straight into my second duty round without a break because I spent the whole two hours conversing with residents, and guiding new and returning residents in a safer and smarter direction for campus living. It’s truly an amazing experience, one that I would recommended to anyone who wants to progress their maturity and responsibility throughout their time in university.

I learned a valuable lesson in my year as an RA- communication is key. We are a unique school, with diverse opinions. Communication isn’t just talking- it’s listening.

My name is Ted Higa, I am running for VP Communication and, I am on your side.