5 mins Into Netflix And Chill and He Gives You His Mixtape

The summer came and passed, akin to a crop burning. Did you pay too much attention to Drake and Meek Mill? Probably. Catch up with this list of music that is good. Moving forward, listen to Hotline Bling and the newest track by Partner from Sackville, NS (on You’ve Changed Records).

Mauno – Rough Master

maunoHere comes Mauno bopping along, bonny and blessed. A wee bit of sound, growing undeniable, emitting from a babby (like a baby, but possessing many more of the better qualities of an infant) carriage, snaps to a point and crashes only to be rebuilt into a tower of babel. The mastery in craft is not lost on those who build for joy, not for monotony. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they make a Rough Master and people really like it so they make more and that is cool too.

Top Track – Champs

Listen to Rough Master

Tasseomancy – Palm Wine Revisitedtasspalmwine

Holding candles and praying to the god that holds in its hands a lipid pool of purple lust. Induces a trance, flipping back white hoods to reveal a face swirling with suggestions born of the hallucinations of night. More synth than person they waltz suggestively, Tasseomancy, born tasseomancers, cast forward to the future calling on the soon-to-be-consumed jugs of wine to be now consumed. Shoulders sway, hips gyrate, standing in a circle as the drums are hit close to home. The Palm Wine Revisited, the trance forever.

Top Tracks – Apophenia, Braid. Wind is Coming

Listen to Palm Wine Revisited

Klarka Weinwurm – Huddle


Two lovers grasp hands for the first time and feel the bliss of conjoinment. Klarka Weinwurm holds the voice, conjoining with the guitar, becomes an embrace of love. There is some heat here, some nervous sweat, and a lot of joy. Get a little bit closer for warmth, a little Huddle if you will. Sway and hum to a tune in your head. Think about where you are going and where you have been. Be at peace and grasp with the intention of love.

Top Track – Deathrow Tull

Listen to Huddle

i hate sex – Circle Thinkingcirclethinking

Through static, erected by our own sense of comfort, i hate sex screams. We get lost in a mire, bogged down by feelings, doubts, and sadness trying to swim to a surface. But up is not the only way out and Circle Thinking proves that. Swinging through we hit stone walls that turn to dust at our touch, say some things that we should have said a long time ago, and feel some static replaced by contentment.

Top Tracks – One by Metallica, I Fucking Hate Sports

Listen to Circle Thinking

Harley Alexander & The Universal Lovers – Gold Shirt



A little breeze tickles your fancy, rustling through the laundry hanging on the line. The air manifests, a swaying, swinging breeze person. The boogie is here to stay, never go away, never let these nights end. A love song to Halifax sung by Harley Alexander, supported by The Universal Lovers, and do they ever make love. Hips, lips, and tips, all over the Gold Shirt. It dances with the wind all night long, laying to rest in a bed of clouds.

Top Tracks – Trust, Runnin Thangz

Listen to Gold Shirt

Crosss – Lolo

A court jester, poison in the ear of the king, whispers in riffs as heavy as the weight of duty. Crosss holds scepters and passes judgement in a voice long and droning, stiffened by history and cemented in melody. The weight of Lo is immense like a nail forced through a barren mountain, driven by a hammer of godly might. It fails to tug at the heart strings but instead ties weights and spreads the most catastrophically serene aural defilement.

Top Track – Interlocutor

Listen to Lo

Scott Nicks – String of Dreamsscotnicks

Like a crooner in an undersea lounge, Scott Nicks warbles and floats between the safety of air and the dangers of drowning. It is damp, and Nicks bobs and weaves, both a navigator and instigator. String of Dreams is a remnant of sleep, it is peering outside of a window at the rise of the sun and remembering it all. All the joy, bliss, and confusion. A perfect marriage of pop-rock sensibilities and melodies with the vast space of psychedelia.

Top Track – Mumble

Listen to String of Dreams