ASU General Election: Candidate Platforms

Voting for the general election is taking place on February 8th and 9th. Voting will also be taking place on these dates for the referendum to renovate the Axe Lounge. For more information on the referendum check out this article by Editor-in-Chief Andrew Haskett.

Your voice matters, make an informed vote! In case you missed the debates on February 4th, or just need a refresher, we have compiled the platforms of each candidate into one handy document.

Presidential Candidate Platforms

Fallis Thompson

Hello Acadia! My name is Fallis Thompson and I am running for President in the upcoming ASU General Election. I have been involved at Acadia and in the Wolfville community in many ways. I currently work with the Wolfville Skating Club as a coach and was an RA in my second and third year. I have also worked as TA and Welcome Week leader during my undergrad. Currently, I am the VP Academic with the ASU. I have had many successes over my term in office, one of them being the Get Out the Vote campaign. This was targeted at student voters to get involved in the Federal Election. I have also been an advocate for many students within their own faculties or in Senate.

So, what do I plan on doing while in office as President? First and foremost, I want to continue to be an advocate for students on campus and in external sectors. Aside from that, I have three main platform pieces. First, I would like to work with the university to address accessibility issues on our campus and look at more than just physical accessibility. Secondly, I want to work with the university on developing a comprehensive sexual assault policy. There still remains a number of grey areas and this is an issue of safety for all students. Finally, I want to improve the transparency between the ASU and the student body. The executive team and other members of our SRC do amazing work throughout the school year. I want to communicate all of this as well as encourage students to attend our meetings to offer ideas and questions to help make Acadia better for students. On February 8th and 9th remember to continue the experience with Fallis Thompson and Ted Higa.


Samantha Sproule

Hi Acadia!

My name is Sam Sproule and I’m running for President of the ASU.

About me:

I’m a 4th year Business student majoring in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. At Acadia I’ve connected with students while giving campus tours, being a welcome week leader, Co-President of Enactus Acadia, a SMILE buddy and through the ASU, leading the information desk team as well as working at the Axe.

My platform:

The Acadia Experience

At Acadia we pride ourselves on our personalized, well-rounded education. I want to make sure every student takes advantage of our resources by encouraging meeting with advisors and professors and promoting our resources for post-grad options. The Acadia Experience is much more than academics, so I want to encourage school spirit and town relations by redesigning welcome week and reviewing the ASU club policy to allow fair representation.

Honest and Secure Campus

I want to increase the transparency of the ASU by better communicating the activities of the SRC and always being available as a resource for students to talk to. I also hope to create a better consent culture in our everyday lives, whether in a working or personal relationship.

Advocating for You

As president, I would represent students to multiple groups including the Acadia Board of Governors, the town of Wolfville and Provincial and Federal government. Through these connections I want to work towards adopting free, open sourced textbooks to lower your expenses and hire a full-time Equity Officer to address harassment, assault and other issues on campus.

The most valuable thing that I’ve learned at Acadia is that if you’re supported and empowered you will succeed. Please vote on February 8th and 9th to help me make a positive impact for Acadia students.

Vice President Academic Candidate Platforms


Brianna Jarvin

My name is Brianna Jarvin and I am currently a third year Kinesiology student. I am running for the ASU Executive position of Vice President Academic. The past year I have had the opportunity to hold the position of counselor on the Student Representative Council. My position as councilor has taught me many valuable lessons that I feel are applicable to the position I am running for. In addition to holding my position as councilor, I have designed programs that benefit the student body, including the Expresso Yourself Coffee House. I have had privilege of sitting on the Deputy Chair Hiring Committee and Campus Representation Committee.  In the upcoming months, I will be organizing a mock LSAT and MCAT preparatory exam for students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in these areas. As VP Academic, I would like to pursue the following goals:

-Close the current gap between the student senators and the student body as a whole

-Advertise the position of VP Academic as a positive resource for the student body

-Work closely with senate to create a more effective communication system between the senate representatives, the students, and myself if elected

If you have any questions or concerns about my platform please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Thank you!


Malcolm Anderson

My name is Malcolm Anderson. I’m running for the position of VP Academic. I’m a second year student double majoring in Community Development and Environmental Sustainability Studies. As an employee at the Axe Lounge and the current Sustainability Officer, the Acadia Students’ Union has become a huge part of my life. Over the past year I’ve been working hard, paying attention and listening to what students like, what they don’t, and what concerns them. I’m thrilled to run in this election because I want to make real, lasting change here at Acadia. The current executive has done a great job and I can’t wait get to work doing even more! Some of the things that are important to me in this campaign are accessible education for everyone, easy to use academic resources, accountable and transparent administration, promoting consent culture, and hiring a full time equity officer. If elected these are just a few of the goals that I will work hard to make a reality. Help make your school even better by voting Malcolm Anderson for VP Academic.

Vice President Communications Candidate Platforms

Anthony Forsyth

My name is Anthony Forsyth, and I am a third year nutrition and dietetics major. I am pleased to announce that I am running for the position of Vice President Communications for the 2016-17 academic year. I am currently employed through the ASU Food Services sector and I have proven myself to be a dependable, flexible, and hard-working employee. As a result, I have earned a variety of opportunities within this organization. These opportunities have allowed me to develop a broad range of skills that are transferable to an executive position on the SRC. Furthermore, working within the ASU has given me a greater insight into what has been working well and where there is room for improvement in the future. Since coming to Acadia in 2013, I have been actively involved in many nutrition-related clubs. Furthermore, I have spent a great deal of time volunteering within the community of Wolfville as well as the Acadia community. If elected, I plan to: create an effective communication strategy and coordinate the advertising and promotion of both events created by the ASU as well as events put on by student clubs and societies, increase awareness of different resources, programs, and services that are offered at Acadia and within Wolfville, and incorporate the student body, as much as possible, in the important decisions made by the ASU. I wholeheartedly believe you will find my passion, enthusiasm, and work ethic to be an asset to the Acadia community. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Hannah Rauseo

Hey everyone! My name is Hannah Rauseo and I am running for the VP Communications position in the ASU General Elections. I am currently a third year business student with a focus in Marketing and Employment Relations. I am looking to become more actively involved in the Acadia community and believe this would be the perfect position for me. I play on the Acadia club field hockey team and volunteer at S.M.I.L.E, along with being a member of Enactus. If elected into this position, I hope to continue to improve all social media platforms to allow better communication between the students and our student union. I would also like to advance the communications between the university and the town of Wolfville, and effectively advertise all programs and events happening on campus and in within community. I look forward to being a leader on campus.

Thank you for taking your time to vote and I hope you all have a great semester!


Sam Nielsen

My name is Samantha Nielsen. I am a third year HIST/FRE double major working toward my education degree and I am running for Vice President Communications. I am currently a councillor on the Students’ Representative Council and have had the opportunity to work with the current executive team on committees such as Communications, Programming and Axe Renovations Referendum.

Past programs such as the “Meet Your Neighbors Barbecue” and the “Espresso Yourself” coffee house helped me understand what it takes to successfully reach out to students across campus. I am currently working on a project that involves student communication and improving how the SRC promotes events around Wolfville. I love being involved in council and I would love to take on a larger role in the coming year.

My goals as VP Communications would be:
1.        Transparency: I want to show students exactly what we do here on council and approach any situation that comes at us with full awareness and honesty to the students.
2.         Interaction: Communication involves conversation. I want to stop the “talking at” students and start “talking with” students to understand what’s important to them, and get their message out.
3.        Acknowledgment: I want to acknowledge those who are under-vocalized on campus. Acknowledging the misrepresentation of students on campus and making sure their voices are heard is important in building on the diverse Acadia community we stand and define ourselves by.

On February 8th & 9th vote Samantha Nielsen for VP Communications, and have your voice heard.

Vice President Programming Candidate Platforms

Ted Higa

My name is Ted Higa, I am the current V.P Communications of the Acadia Students
Union. I have enjoyed the challenge in this environment, as a student and a leader. 
My past four years at Acadia University have had me in a variety of roles on and off campus. Playing baseball, duty rounds as an RA in Cutten house, intramural hockey, and hungry days at meal hall. Dennis is home, D-House and residence made my first year and I met so many friends, I want to continue the experience at Acadia and make your time even better! Fallis Thompson and I currently have positions on the ASU, its been an exciting challenge, we understand there are issues between students and the union, creating transparency and engagement for the students of Acadia will help create an inclusive and welcoming campus.

My name is Ted Higa, I am running for the position of Vice President of
Programming for the Acadia Students’ Union.


Councilor Candidate Platforms


Aodhan Murphy

As councilor success in running events that appeal to the diverse interests among our student body will be prioritized. I want all of us to be able to communicate effectively so you get what you’re looking for.

I want to be a councilor who ensures that the funds spent by the ASU on councilor events are suitable to the event, and reasonable for the expected draw.

The current VP programming does an incredible job on events that provide that community atmosphere and university experience we all love.

The executive have a lot on their plate, and I believe it should be the responsibility of the councilors to ensure that our proposed councilor events plans are sufficiently detailed and underway before funding is provided.

By ensuring that funding estimates are accurate and representative of the number of students expected, we reduce the likelihood of under planned events, so that we have more left over for great experiences.

Carter Bobbie

My name is Carter Bobbie and I am a 3rd year politics student running to be an ASU councilor. Getting involved in the ASU community is something I have always wanted and believe this opportunity is a fantastic way to contribute and show change. I am an enthusiastic, hardworking student that will step up to the plate and hit that home run when we need it. I will put forward only the best because it is what the student body deserves. I will dedicate myself to listen too the student body’s concerns about matters within Acadia. I continually push myself to achieve the best and will work day and night to get the work done. Acadia has given me so much and I would be thrilled to give something back. I believe I would best represent as well as promote the student body and would relish the opportunity to become a student councilor.

Morgan Ward

Hello Acadia Students, my name is Morgan Ward and I’m running to be one of your councillors for the 2016/17 school year. I am approachable, hard-working, and helpful. I think I would make a good fit as an ASU councillor because I would like to represent the Acadia student body as a whole, I have prior experience with the ASU, and most of all I want to hear from you and make your concerns about the ASU known (and address those concerns). I love this school and I want to make a difference. If you think I would be a good fit as councillor then I would also love your vote!

Sean Porter

Hey friends! My names Sean Porter and I am running for one of the councilor positions for the ASU!  I am originally from Calgary, Alberta so the east cost has been a large change for me. The first time I visited Acadia was during a university tour organized though my high school, and I immediately knew that Acadia was the best fit for me. In my first year I studied economics, but wasn’t completely satisfied with the subject and shortly found my way into the F.C Manning School of Business. Currently I am a third year finance major who wants to get more involved with the student union! Acadia and anyone affiliated there in has given me so much and it’s about time I start giving back.

Student Board of Governors Representative Candidate Platforms

Christine Moreau

Vote Christine Moreau for Student Board of Governors Representative
What will I do for you?

Hold the Acadia Board of Governors accountable to the interests of all students
Communicate the projects and issues of the Acadia Board of Governors to students by:
Holding regular office hours in the BAC

Forming social media accounts which will provide information to students and reach out for feedback
Create strategic plans to advocate for student’s interests at a Board level beginning with:

A formalized proposal to the Board of Governors to hire a full time Equity Officer for the students, faculty and staff of Acadia University
Raise awareness surrounding the impact the Board of Governors has on the everyday life of Acadia students

Please VOTE on February 8th and 9th and participate in YOUR Students’ Union.

Molly Murphy

Plane tickets used to include more than just a 1x1ft spot to sit. So did the cost of university. My university bill is reminiscent of my feelings toward seeing carry-on being extra, checked bag, food, water, air, probably a rest room fee around the corner.

Sometimes fees are necessary, an essential component for plans that will benefit us all. Sometimes they are the responsibility of the university who has passed along the burden to students.

I’m Molly Murphy, 3rd year Psychology student, and as Board of Governors student representative you can rest assured that every matter brought to the board will be scrutinized. I will continue to seek the input of the student body at every turn; I’m there to represent you and your opinions.

Not everything should be a fee, not everything an add-on, and tuition should not bare resemblance to our modern day plane ticket. The university must be held accountable for the essentials; students have enough to carry.

Sustainability Officer Candidate Platforms

Grace H-B

My name is Grace H-B and I am running for 2016/2017 Sustainability Officer. I am in my third year of Environmental Science currently in a co-op placement with the Nova Scotia Department of Environment. If successful I would like to bring my experience with regulations and waste management to the position. I am passionate about student involvement and am excited to talk about ideas with many different groups of students. I think waste diversion and system sorting is something on and off campus students could use more education on and hope to bring my knowledge to the table.
I’d be happy to answer any questions and would love to talk about any ideas you have at the All Candiates Debate on February 4th at the Axe.
Thanks Acadia!


Stephanie Miller

My name is Stephanie Miller and I’m a third year Environmental & Sustainability Studies (ESST) student. I work for the ASU in the Union Market and I’m actively involved in the ESST Student Society as the VP of Communications. I have also led a number of environmental initiatives and collaborated with a group of wonderful volunteers to organize the “Wolfville March for Climate Action.” I’m passionate about both the environment and this amazing university, and with me as your Sustainability Officer events such as this will happen more frequently. It is my goal to create a culture of awareness about the environmental issues that our world is facing today. Awareness inspires action, and action is what we need to make a difference here at Acadia, in our community, and in the world as a whole. If elected, I strongly encourage anyone with ideas about sustainability events to contact me!

Faculty of Arts Senator Candidate Platforms

Emma Hughes

Hello Everyone,

My name is Emma Hughes, and I will be running for the position of Faculty of Arts Senator. I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Political Science. In this academic year, I am holding the position of Secretary on the Political Science Association at Acadia University, where I also work as a Teaching Assistant for my department. In the upcoming academic year, I hope to close the gap between the students and the Faculty of Arts Senator by developing a system where students may voice their concerns or ask any questions that may pertain to their degrees, departments, or the Faculty of Arts as a whole. My qualifications and involvement in my department have assisted in developing skills that will be beneficial to this position, and to the Student Representatives Council.

Thank You!

Faculty of Science Senator Candidate Platforms

Luke Coxhead

I am a third year undergraduate honours student majoring in Chemistry and I am running for the position of Science Senator for the 2016/2017 school year. I am actively involved in the Faculty of Science here at Acadia as teaching assistant in both the Chemistry and Math departments, as a representative on the Acadia Chemistry Club and I also do chemistry research for Acadia’s Chemistry department. These roles have given me a great deal of insight into the opportunities available, the areas of strength and the issues that need to be addressed within Acadia’s Faculty of Science. If elected, there are three main goals that I plan to accomplish. Increased promotion regarding research opportunities available on and off campus. Enhanced communication between faculty and students as well as between the student societies within our faculty. Increased upper year class variety. Thank you for your support, Luke Coxhead.