Kiss My Axe (Lounge)

Large numbers scare the shit out of people. Finance, business, math, and economics students can attest to this, and I bet a good few of them experience some euphoric schadenfreude when someone gasps and shivers at the thought of an immense lump sum payment. Worry not, for the price point coming here is a union endeavor, and as brothers and sisters of this fine institution we may pay it together and then drink a brew. With construction beginning in April, the Axe Lounge will be undergoing a major renovation, the first of its kind within the ASU in twenty-five years.

The physical layout, the financial structure, and the types of services that the Axe Lounge currently offers will be bolstered. The aim of this project is to provide the students of Acadia University with a central “hub”, an on-campus lounge worthy of its name. An in-house kitchen with full amenities, along with the inclusion of a larger staff load (more jobs for the jobless), and longer hours represents a boost to the campus and student economy. The revenue gained through the added services will continue to fund the ASU and all of its internal and external services and organizations.

Here’s where the spine-breaking number figures come into play. The renovations to the Axe Lounge and its services could accumulate to two-million dollars, with a seven-hundred thousand dollar contingency, which could lead to the total cost of the project being as low as one million and three-hundred thousand dollars. Part of this cost will be incurred through ASU student union dues, at a rate of fifteen dollars per student per semester for the first five years of operation, and then changing to a total of twenty-five dollars per semester per student.

Let’s do a little bit of math: construction is expected to finish the summer before the 2017/2018 academic year. All current students (minus those graduating before that calendar year) will be within the framework of the fifteen dollar per-semester union fee. At the very
least, depending on program, length of enrollment, etc., students would expect a thirty dollar per academic year charge, and at most a one hundred and twenty dollar fee charge (subtracted from tuition fees) through the course of their four year program. After the initial five year period all students will pay the twenty-five dollar fee (two hundred and fifty dollars for a four year stay), and all students of Acadia University, past and present, will have lifetime access to the Axe, whether or not they were present to pay the fee.

Added to this is that all of these incurred fees will go towards improved accessibility within the Students’ Union Building, including a proposed elevator lift to the floor that the Safety and Security office is located. The referendum, with a campus wide voting campaign for
this action (that is, the renovations), will be hosted on February 8th
and 9th, and a collective vote of 30% of the human body is needed for a passing grade.

Put your money where your mouth is and vote for a bonafide Acadia University legacy. Otherwise you’ll probably spend it on some shitty Joe’s spaghetti.