Community Relations Representative: Sadie McAlear

Hello! My name is Sadie McAlear, and I am running for the ASU 2021-22 General Election to maintain my current position as the Community Relations Representative.

I have learned an abundance of new information since taking on this role a couple months ago after the 2020 Fall By-Election. A few examples are, reading fifty pages worth of bylaws(and actually trying to understand them), learning words such as quorum or referendum in a vocabulary that never existed to me before, and becoming more confident in speaking in front of people. These have all been learning curves for me, however I would never change my decision to run for this position!

The best part about being the Community Relations Rep is that I have been able to connect with so many amazing residents of Wolfville. I hear too often that students believe they are disliked by the community, but from the conversations I have had, this holds to be untrue and quite the opposite. Many residents of Wolfville live here because they want to see students thrive. Not only that, but they want to help YOU in becoming the person you aspire to be. By getting to know your neighbours and being open to simply talking with residents of Wolfville, you never know who you might meet. As students, I believe that sometimes we get lost with the idea that Wolfville is strictly a “University town”, and we fail to acknowledge the people who are growing their families here, or your next door neighbour who has lived here for over fifty years. Acadia University is a part of Wolfville, as Wolfville is a part of Acadia University. My goal over the next year is to help build a culture where we break the barrier between students and residents and simply become “One Wolfville”.