Acadia Exceeds Fundraising Goal

Launched in October of 2018, Acadia University’s Campaign for Acadia campaign has calculated an ambitious 75-million-dollar goal to “sustain the Acadia of today and build the Acadia of the future.” The budget includes 30 million dollars going towards creating extraordinary student experiences by fostering access and success so that all deserving students can experience a transformative education. Another 12.5 million dollars is dedicated to inspiring exceptional teaching and engagement by attracting and retaining outstanding faculty who are committed to exceptional teaching across all disciplines. The same amount would go toward innovative teaching and research to promote discovery and innovation through support for our student and faculty research. The final 20 million dollars will be invested in building and enhancing the physical and financial infrastructure to benefit Acadia’s students, faculty, and the community. 

On Acadia University’s 182nd birthday, the campaign announced that their goal of $75 million had been exceeded, and all thanks go to enthusiastic alumni and friends whose generous contributions will support key programs and resources at the university. Dr. Ricketts, President and Vice-Chancellor of Campaign for Acadia, shared his gratitude to everybody who contributed, “Each gift is invaluable and will have a meaningful impact on our students, faculty, staff, researchers, and the ongoing development of our campus infrastructure,” he stated. He continued on to say that “Acadia’s milieu has been extremely strengthened by the generous gifts of campaign partners, friends and alumni who have all played a tremendous role in benefiting the students at the university”. 

The donations have allowed Acadia to accomplish things beyond the usual. Some of these things are visible; such as the renovation of the science facilities and the transformations of Patterson Hall into the Manning School of Business. Others are not as visible but are equally as significant; millions invested into restricted endowments for student awards, teaching, research and other academic programs. All of these things collectively enhance the student experience at Acadia University. 

Campaign for Acadia will continue to gratefully accept donations until the end of 2020. For further donation details, the campaign’s many success stories, instructions on how to give, you can visit