Finance Society wins Propylaeum Cup

The Acadia Finance Society has won the second annual Propylaeum Cup debate tournament and $300 cash prize.

Alexandria Knowles and Faaithe Seymour represented the Acadia Finance Society, progressing through four rounds of debates. The introductory rounds, quarterfinals, and semifinals were judged by a mix of professors and Student Senators, while the final was judged by the House.

The motion was “This House believes that modern students with an undergraduate degree have more opportunities than their parents generation”, with Finance arguing for the motion and Pre-Law against. Sebastian Farkas and Evan Shergold represented the Pre-Law Society, losing 21-56.

Finance presented a compelling personal case on how the opportunities for women who had an undergraduate degree had increased in the past few decades while Pre-Law countered with effective statistics about the opportunity value of an undergraduate education.

Over twelve student societies from across campus were mobilized in late February to begin the debate tournament. Topics ranged from AI would render humanity pointless to if Turks and Caicos should join Canada to Jack and Rose fitting on the door in Titanic.

“Thank you to everyone who supported us during this well-spirited debate,” Knowles said. “We couldn’t have done it without your support.”

“I only had a little bit of debate experience,” Seymour laughed. “I’m definitely looking forward to next year- Finance round two!”

The next Propylaeum Cup debate tournament will begin in February 2020.