President: George Philp

I’m excited to be running for ASU President by the opportunity to listen to you and help advocate for better financial, social, and academic supports for students. I’m a fourth year Environmental Studies student from Ontario. I’m a SMILE Instructor, a Teaching Assistant, an advocate for accessible post-secondary education, and a friend. I currently serve as ASU Sustainability Officer. In this role, I have worked to promote active transportation, advocate for the elimination of plastic bags on-campus, and support the expansion of Acadia’s Fair-Trade movement. Also, I have helped lead the piloting of the Acadia Food Cupboard. This resource will provide emergency food support to students and will enhance student food security, nutrition, and wellness.

I’m running for President hoping to continue to advance student food security and sustainability on campus. I aim to establish a greater sense of support among the student body for one another. My plan is focused on enhancing the services students rely on including on-campus medical and mental health services. In addition, my plan includes advocating for easier access to medical coverage for international students and ensuring provincial post-secondary grants are provided to students who need it most. I’m ready to work with the ASU to develop an equitable hiring policy and to ensure that the SUB becomes a more inclusive space for all students.

My platform was built by students and originated through conversations with students and student support staff. If elected, I plan to continue listening to you by holding out of office hours – I want to have conversations with you in the Library about student wellness and chat with you in meal hall about diversity on campus. Thank you for your engagement in student democracy and I look forward to continued discussions about supporting student wellness and success throughout the campaign.