President: Matthew Stanbrook

Dear Students of Acadia,

My name is Matthew Stanbrook and I am running for President of the Acadia Student Union for the 2021-2022 academic year. I am currently in my fourth year at Acadia doing a double major in Biology and History. I spent the first part of my life in Dartmouth Nova Scotia; however, I have lived in Wolfville for the past four years while I have been at Acadia. A lot of the things I enjoy doing involve the outdoors, so living in Wolfville has made it much easier for me to get to the woods.

Although I am the only person running for the position of President in the Acadia Student Union, I am still interested in engaging students to see an increase in student involvement with ASU as well as the other groups around campus, such as Residence Life, Athletic Recreation, and overall event turnout.

I will look into options to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities and I would like to tackle that issue by improving representation within the Student Union, so the people who experience accessibility issues can bring them forward to the ASU. I think another good step to improving accessibility is by reviewing Acadia’s Accessibility Policy so people with disabilities can attend Acadia knowing it is accessible for everyone.

One of my strengths I can offer for this role is my willingness to listen. During my time as president, I will aim to make sure that I am available to hear what students would like to see changed, and do what I can to implement those ideas. If you would like to share your ideas for improvement with me, I am very interested in hearing them in an effort to better represent the student population!

Looking forward to engaging with you,
Matthew Stanbrook