The Cutten Chronicles

While every residence on the Acadia campus has its own personality and quirks, Cutten House has a reputation for some of the strangest funny stories that have occurred within its walls. I interviewed a couple residents of the infamous residence to get some of their most wild and interesting tales that have happened in the first couple months of this school year, along with pictures taken by residents of some photograph-worthy instances.

“One day I woke up on, like, a Friday morning, and the night before seemed pretty tame. My roommate was out so I literally just watched Netflix all night and did whatever. I went out of my room and looked down the hall and the door was covered  in some….substance that I didn’t want to investigate. After a bit it was still there so I went to the door and checked it out…it was tomato sauce. Like…someone threw meatballs at the door and the sauce stuck. The girl whose room it was had to clean it but it’s still on the ceiling.”



“One time my friend and I were in my room and we heard this loud commotion in the hall. We looked outside and there were about five people just throwing cake at each other and crushing it all into the carpet. A guy had to come and clean it up but I swear there’s still cake stains on the floor.”



“This takes place during homecoming, which is probably one of the many fun stories from that weekend. Around 8 or 9 pm we realized that our microwave from our section had gone missing, along with I think every other microwave in the building. No one could find them for quite a while, until someone finally used the elevator and found them all stacked on each other. There had to have been about 10 in there, but the best part about it was that it was basically a free-for- all to get a better-working microwave.”



“I think the funniest thing to me about Cutten is the elevator being under maintenance because of all of the suspicious liquids and contents spilled in it. Every time you enter the elevator there’s always a new unpleasant smell that is introduced to your senses. I’m always impressed by just how putrid the smell is on a Monday morning, and the sticky contents of the elevator floor are enough to make your imagination wonder but still not bad enough to make me take the stairs.”



“After the first week of school passed and we got to know our neighbors, we realized that our next door neighbor “Christian” never moved in. It became a running joke between all of us, we even developed our own lore about who and where he is. We created a shrine for him on his door that people would come and see or leave funny notes of their own on. I’ll never forget you, Christian.”



If you have any pictures, videos, or stories of things going on around your residence, let us know and you could be featured! You can send them to our news editor at [email protected]