St FX wins inaugural Great Debate against Acadia

X Debate, the official debate club of St Francis Xavier University, has won the inaugural Great Debate against Acadia’s Paul Tom Debate Society.

The motion, “This House supports the use of civil disobedience as a means to achieve political change”, passed with a score of 118-94.

Acadia hosted the inaugural Great Debate this year. Even years the competition will be hosted in Wolfville, while odd years it will be hosted in Antigonish.

Acadia, represented by Mackenzie Braden and Ruvimbo Chipazi, argued against the motion citing numerous instances of where civil disobedience led to open revolt, such as in Libya in 2011.

St FX, represented by Will Fraser and Erin Kinzie, pointed to the success of several civil disobedience movements and cited them as precedent for the ability of collective power to achieve political change.

“X-Debate was so happy to participate in this event,” Fraser said. “Our entire team enjoyed the opportunity to engage with our historic rivals at Acadia. We look forward to continuing this new tradition!”

The next Great Debate will be hosted at St FX University in Fall 2019.