Monkey On My Back

I am not sure when, why or how

But it all feels real now

This girl is so indescribably mysterious

And to describe it through fallacy, she’s got me delirious


I will take this chance to remind you that

There is a cliche

Of saying that you really can get lost in someone’s eyes

Or lost in someone’s laughs,

as you’re kissing on their thighs


And you don’t believe in perfection

But you’ll adore this affection

That goes with proving you’re my very own perfect

And I don’t have any clue how,

But I will eventually teach you to learn it


And despite you never seeing through my eyes

I’ll stay lost in yours

So as you point me to your thighs

I’ll make you squeal

Just to remind myself every day

That holy fuck this is how love feels


And this all goes with the study

Of your flawless perfect body

I’m sure they will all just call me crazy

And they’ll all think I’m a joke

But you can’t help but smile at all the cigarettes

that we don’t even smoke


With all the stories we’ve shared

And all the lessons I’ve took

I like to think of you as a million pages on an unwritten book

The hardest part is accepting I will never figure you out

Even though I promise I could fill a one million page book

And easily have you be all it talked about


I knew I loved you when your eyes distracted me from the stars

And you can see this girl is beauty be it on her face or written in her scars

She’s got me wrapped up like yarn and I’m tied to her fingers

As it has been a couple days but the smell of sex still lingers


It’s weird to miss our future

Because I loved to watch it start

And some won’t see the picture

But to me we’re making art


And since you’ve been gone

I have learned to smile when I look back

Because even though you aren’t there

There’s still this monkey on my back