Strike at Acadia Ends: An Update

On March 1st, through an email sent out to students at Acadia, the decision was made for the strike to end and for all students to be able to return to classes the same week. While the strike may have ended, there still hasn’t been successful negotiations from Acadia University and the Acadia University Faculty Association. Because there are still some issues that need to be addressed, both Acadia and the AUFA have determined to send the rest of the problems to arbitration where the decision will be made final and a new collective agreement will be created. The Senate at Acadia also worked to determine what the remainder of the term would look like for students. In an email that was put out on March 2nd, the academic calendar has been modified and now the end of the term will be April 13th, with exams following from April 16th to the 25th. In the March newsletter sent out by Acadia’s president, he reassured students that Acadia will determine the appropriate financial compensation for the amount of time that students missed due to the strike. 

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Very informative