Tanvi Dabas

Tanvi Dabas is from New Delhi, India, and she has recently completed her third year studying at Acadia University. Tanvi is pursuing her education at Acadia with a double major in nutrition and psychology with minors in chemistry and biology. Like many of us, Tanvi enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring new places. She also enjoys getting to know new people and says doing so teaches her a lot. Her favourite part about Acadia University is the community and the way it welcomes people from all walks of life. Tanvi has played a major role in bettering student life at Acadia University, including her many achievements and involvement in leadership positions at the school.

First, Tanvi has been an International Student Ambassador for two consecutive years at Acadia, and her accomplishments do not stop there.

A few weeks ago, Acadia launched general elections for the Acadia Students’ Union (ASU). Acadia Students’ Union is a student governed organization dedicated to serving its members through effective representation and communications. The Students’ Union offers innovative and quality services while providing a variety of opportunities that enhance the overall University experience of the students of Acadia. Acadia Students’ Union believes in and upholds the values of integrity, excellence, and respect while recognizing the importance of fun, community spirit, and the tradition upon which the Union was founded.

Tanvi was elected for the role of VP of Events and Promotions and she is the first international woman to be in this position in the ASU! Acadia University is truly privileged to have Tanvi in yet another leadership role!

Along with her new role representing Acadia, Tanvi was also one of the recipients of the student excellence awards in the psychology department for the 2020/21 year.

Additionally, Tanvi was the coordinator for the Centre for Global Education (CGE) at ASU’s internal organization (IO). As CGE coordinator, Tanvi served international students at Acadia by creating and organizing events.

Moreover, Tanvi was also a panellist at WISE’s event (an event that took place online due to Covid-19 regulations). WISE is an abbreviation for Women in Science and Engineering, and it is a campaign that encourages more people who identify as a woman to take up science and engineering and increase female participation in the fields. Essentially, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Acadia is a group of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to supporting and empowering girls and women who are interested or engaged in science or engineering-related careers.

Amoung all of these contributions, Tanvi has maintained two jobs during her education at Acadia University. First, she serves the students at the Student Union Building (SUB) every morning at Perkin’s café. I am also honoured to work alongside Tanvi as section editor for the Athenaeum, Acadia University’s school newspaper. Tanvi is science section editor and has even further contributed to the Athenaeum with the implementation of her own column, “Science Fact of the Week”.

I am pleased to write this article recognizing Tanvi Dabas as a leader and an overall asset to the Acadia community. Not only is she a dear friend of mine, but she is an honourable student, an ambitious and accomplished leader and an exceptional woman.  This is just the beginning for Tanvi, as I believe she will do many amazing things in her lifetime and, I, personally, along with the Acadia community, have been honoured to work and learn alongside Tanvi, as well as have her in leadership positions.

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Congratulations Tanvi 🎉

You have always pushed yourself to be your best, and today you have shown us all what it means to succeed. Here’s to many more happy achievements!🎉

The leadership qualities have already been there on you. I am sure you will make us proud….luv u gal…

Great going Tanvi. These are stepping stones, way to go. You have made us proud.