Vice President of Events and Promotions: Soyini Edwards

My name is Soyini Edwards, and I am running for VP Events and Promotions for the 2020-2021 school year at Acadia University. I am a fourth-year International student from Nassau, Bahamas, majoring in Political Science. Throughout my time at Acadia, I have held many leadership roles to continue to enhance the students’ lives and students’ experiences. Currently, I serve as the Diversity and Inclusion Representative of the ASU. In this role, I advocate for the rights and needs of students, and I sit on various committees to voice student concerns and continuously improve Acadia University. I am also the Photography Manager at the Athenaeum, and in this role, I have interacted with a plethora of amazing students with beautiful stories they are passionate about. Having the opportunity to capture the beautiful moments within students’ lives is a huge motivation for me.

Additionally, I am the current President of the Black Students’ Association. On this platform, I work diligently to bridge the gap between races here on campus and show our solidarity with everyone. Through each position, I have gained wonderful relationships with both the students and the faculty here at Acadia. My goal is to not only host and promote events but to facilitate an environment where students have the ability to build meaningful relationships. I want to have great collaborative efforts between different departments at Acadia to ensure that all students have an opportunity to feel truly welcomed through every event that is hosted.

The position of VP Promotion and events calls for someone who is versed in not only communicating online, handling the social media platform, but also an individual who is capable and comfortable in creating relationships that would benefit this University and Acadia students. The skills that I have attained through my involvement during my four years at Acadia has equipped me to make a change and better the Acadia experience for all students.