Vice President of Events and Promotions: Blake Steeves

Blake Steeves is a business student that will be entering his third year at Acadia with a major in marketing. Blake has worked with the Acadia Students Union for a total of two years, beginning as the First Year Officer on the Students Representatives Council and most recently as House Council President for Chase Court. These jobs have helped him develop attributes and skills that would help him in the role of Vice President of Events and Promotions. He has strong programming skills and excels at promoting events all over campus.

Blake moved to Acadia from Fredericton, New Brunswick. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar, watching football and going fishing with his buddies.

His main goals for the upcoming year as Vice President Events and Promotions is to include a more diversified set of events, provide students with an improved system for receiving event notifications and re-establish Acadia as a spirited school at sporting events and other social gatherings.