VP Finance and Operations: Fumiya Kanai

Hello, my name is Fumiya Kanai. I am third-year business student at Acadia, and I am running this election to be Vice President of Finance and Operation for 2021-2022 academic year.

I really appreciate the opportunity to join the election this year. Let me talk about my history for short.

First, I am an international student from Japan and I am studying as a business major. When I was in my first year, I joined the SMILE program to get involved with the community more. Then, I had great experiences. So, in my second year, I became an RA at Tower and a medical first responder on the Acadia Medical Team because I want to support people around the campus more. When I was in those two teams, I had very good experiences with many Acadia students and I have realized that students have lots of power. Also, academically, I was nominated as Dean’s List last year.

Now, if I successfully got elected for this position, I would like to contribute all of my time for the year in trying to make this place better for students and the community as well. I am going to increase the revenue when I am in the office, and also want to give more value to the students.