Welcome/Hello/How Are Ya?

Good morning, good evening, and goodnight. My name is Andrew Haskett and I am the residing Editor-in-Chief of the Athenaeum, Acadia University’s student news publication. Throughout the proud 140 year history (whoa) of the Athenaeum some absolutely outstanding work has been crafted, and I fully intend to continue this trend. I am incredibly passionate about the Athenaeum, student journalism, people, and the world at large and I plan on involving all of my passions, and yours, into the pages and archives of the Athenaeum for future generations. The Athenaeum prides itself on it’s rich history and in it’s confident, transparent ethics. And, just like you, we are students. So stop on by our offices sometime, pitch a story, give us the scoop. We’d love to hear what you have to say.
If you have a story, an idea, a piqued interest, or really anything to offer I implore you (yes you!) to get in touch with any member of our fine staff. We look forward to working with you in the 2015/2016 academic-publication year.

Later days.
Andrew Haskett
Editor-in-Chief, The Athenaeum
[email protected]