A Letter To Acadia University

Dear Peter Rickets, Dale Keefe, and Henry Demone,


I am writing as a disappointed student with many concerns about the current bargaining situation between the AUFA and Board of Governors.


I value my education very highly. This university provides for me an abundance of opportunity to pursue my passions and develop my knowledge and skills. I am beyond thankful to be here. But I am disappointed with how this university is conducting itself during this bargaining time. Is it not the role of this institution to provide its students with as much support as possible? By treating the faculty with disrespect, the Board of Governors are in effect disrespecting the students. By denying a chance to negotiate with the faculty’s wishes to make this university the best it can be, the Board of Governors are undermining the environment which allows the students to thrive.


The aspect of this university which has made me feel the most supported is the faculty. The level to which my professors have been available and willing to help me along every step of my learning journey has astonished me. The amount of work that the faculty put into this university, and the level to which they inspire their students is incredible. Acadia is so lucky to have them. The exchange of knowledge and passion for learning between the faculty and the students is the core of this university. In order to allow this relationship to flourish, both the students and the faculty must be equally supported by the administration. Both are essential to the function of this university.


I am disappointed that the administration has not stepped up to provide support when the faculty has asked for it. Dismissing most of the faculty’s requests with a simple “no” sends a message that the Board of Governors does not wish to provide any support to the faculty and students. Barely considering the desires of the faculty and putting in little effort to negotiate is disrespectful and worrisome. I beg you to consider a more flexible, understanding, and communicative approach. This would create a space of support and community within this university, and it would help this university as a whole to thrive. This is what we all want at the end of the day.


Thank you for reading and considering my concerns.


All the best,


Ajanta Deibel

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We stand with the faculty! We know this is just a way to save money so the admin can eventually give the faculty what they want but it comes at our (and the faculty’s) expense!! Do better Acadia.