Beer: Belgian Moon Belgian White

Twas the night before Cheaton, and all through the res, not a drunkard was cheering. Not even the prez! The tie dyes were hung round the hallway with care, in hopes that the turnt up folks soon would be there. The froshies were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of getting laid danced in their head. The RA in their polo, and I in my cap, with my Trojans real close so I don’t get the clap. When out in the quad there were bros all a clatter, I sprang from my dorm to see which one was fatter. I went to the window, I flew like a flash. The Chipman fuccbois were all baring their ass! The moon on the cheeks of the new student bros, gave a lustre of beauty to the objects below. Etc. Etc.

Anyway, it’s Cheatmas Eve and I’m reviewing Belgian Moon Belgian White. I dunno how it pours because I’m just drinking it out of the can, so I also don’t know what the head looks like or the color of the beer, but I assume it’s alright. The mouthfeel of the beer is mild, with a tingle of carbonation and nothing too unpleasant. It’s a little sour and watery but that’s kinda what I’d expect from a macrobrew like this. The body is very light, but reminiscent of the more expensive Belgian white ales you’d find at the top of the shelf for ridiculous prices. It feels kinda like an imitation of the real thing, but I’d probably enjoy it more if it was my 6th or 7th beer of the night. Belgian Moon is to real Belgian beer what [Walmart version of thing] is to [thing]. The taste has the same sweet citrus hint that normal Belgian ales have but without, you know, being very good. The aftertaste reminds you that you are really just drinking a Coors with lemon juice in it.

This beer is fine. It’s not that good. I had a lot more fun writing that rhyme than I did drinking the beer, but I’m still gonna finish it because it’s cold and I paid for it. I know that this article is gonna come out after CHeaton so this is all in the past, but have a happy Saturday. May your beers run cold and your naps run short.

Summary: Not that good, but Merry Cheatmas I guess?