Brew Review: Boxing Rock Sunken Ledge Porter

I’ll start by shooting straight; this is like my 5th beer of the night so my senses of taste and smell are slightly impaired. Experienced beer reviewers/hipsters say this is a bad idea for writing a review, but if you have a problem with it then please take your concerns to the comment section of any Pitchfork article about Aesop Rock. The beer for today is the new Boxing Rock Sunken Ledge Porter. I saw it in the liquor store and just about lost my shit, because I love porters and I love Boxing Rock. The illegitimate love child of these two things should make for a pretty good drink.

This beer pours a dark blackish-brown with an almost nonexistent head. On the nose, I’m getting notes of cocoa, coffee, and a touch of caramel, kinda like an off-brand chocolate bar. Mouthfeel is smooth and inoffensive, and definitely passes through without any trouble. Carbonation is kind of absent, but I don’t really miss it. The overall taste strongly reminds me of the good kind of chocolate – the kind I didn’t know existed until I was a functioning adult because I spent my developing years eating Coffee Crisp. There’s a faint hint of bitterness in the aftertaste, but it’s dominated overall by beautiful chocolatey goodness. The entire experience is permeated by a very mild scent of nuttiness, like standing outside a Five Guys.
This beer is a very pleasant experience. I wouldn’t use “extreme” as an adjective to describe it, but I passively enjoyed it, and I’d definitely recommend it. As a Boxing Rock beer, the price point is a little high, but it’s worth it if you missed out on your daily Cadbury and you still need to get drunk. Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I’m gonna move on to beer review #6. Cheers.

Summary: Willy Wonka approved