No. Thank you.

I have a question, and I think in our #MeToo era, it’s an important one: What the hell is wrong with saying “no thanks”?

Avocadoes on your sandwich? No thanks.

Four essays due on the last day of term? No thanks.

Internalizing the outdated notion that women owe men at least a chance? No. No fucking thanks.

I am tired of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, a prude or a slut, a bitch or a push-over. Women deserve better. Men deserve better.

I want to challenge the idea that rejection is a direct reflection of someone’s worth, a one-way ticket to loneliness, a social death sentence or an indication that one has failed at that clap-trap nonsense, the “dating game”.

Rejection does not mean you are pathetic, unworthy, repulsive or lacking in some way.

On the other hand, rejecting someone does not mean you are insensitive, callous, unfair or cruel.

I’d like to say this because it’s something that wasn’t taught to myself or my peers in any sex education class in high school.

Subpar sexual education? No thanks!

If we do not learn how to say no, we may find ourselves in a situation that “no thanks” may well have saved us a lot of mental and emotional pain. So please remember:

You do not owe someone a chance.

You are entitled to only yourself.

“No thanks” is all you need to say.

Rejection is someone being honest. And authentic to themselves and to you.

So, rejection?

Yes. Yes, please.

Robyn Clifford is a fourth year English major.