Ways to Stay in Touch

After being free of classes for nearly a month and goofing around with all of your friends from high school, it can be pretty difficult to say goodbye. At the end of winter break we bid farewell to those people who knew us during our younger years and we promise to talk to them more often than the semester before. Here are some ways to make staying in contact a lot easier:
1. Write A Letter– I know it sounds absurd, but there’s a lot of cool things about putting pen to paper and sending your homie a real letter. You could use cursive writing or your favourite gel pens; or maybe you could train a raven to fly the letter to its destination like we live in Westeros. The options are truly endless. It’s a lot cooler than it sounds, and just imagine the surprise on their faces when your friend gets something in the mail that isn’t a power bill or coupons for McDonalds.
2. Video Chat – For those of you who aren’t into antiquated methods of communication, or who are too embarrassed to ask your friend what their postal code is, hit them up on Skype or FaceTime.It’s the second best thing to seeing your friend in real life, and complimenting them on their hair over video chat is a step above leaving an emoji comment on their latest Instagram picture.
3. Texting – When it comes to simple ways to keep in touch,texting is by far the fastest. The easiest thing you can do is send your friend a quick text and ask them what’s going on. To amp it up a level, make a group chat with all of your old squad. If you do this you can send each other screenshots of stupid things that others in your graduating class are posting on Facebook.It provides hours of entertainment, and the fact that none of you are trying to become famous rappers will make you feel a lot better about your own lives.The ways in which we stay in touch with the people from our past have changed immensely with the introduction of new technology. Most of the people we know and love are merely a click away. This makes staying in touch with our friends who are far away a lot easier than it might have been for our parents and grandparents. With all of this technology at our disposal we can feel closer than ever to those who are the farthest way from us.