Acadia Computer Science Begins a Presidential Election Period

On January 30th, 2017, the Acadia Computer Science Society opened a Presidential Election period for Computer Science students and society members. To vote, students were asked to email [email protected] with their selection for president. The deadline to vote was Feb. 3rd, 2017, leaving a week for presidential nominees to campaign for a spot as the society president. Below are profiles of the teams running.


Colin Mackenzie and James Hally as Co-Presidents:

Hello! We, Colin and James, are running for co-presidents of the ACSS next year. We would be a great choice as co-presidents because we are experienced leaders actively involved in our department and community. We have the privilege of being the two Junior Executives of this years Computer Science Society which gives us insight into the challenges of running the society. I (Colin) have had a lot of leadership experience: I was the president for my high school Interact team, worked very closely with Rotary and Rotary International, and participated in the internationally recognized leadership camp R.Y.L.A. It taught me a lot about specific and general ways to become an effective leader. I (James) have extensive experience in teams, participating actively in dozens throughout high school and my time here. I’ve learned a lot about working with others and encouraging involvement. We plan to build on the current success of the society with new ideas and fun events for next year.


Hope Latta and Sid Kondapuram as Co-Presidents:

Sid’s been involved in the community ever since high school. He’s volunteered at hospitals, and libraries. Since coming to Acadia, he’s been a columnist and subsequently the editor for the school newspaper. He’s dying for an opportunity to be part of a student executive team. Hope won the President of the Year Award last spring for her work with Musical Theatre. She’s also been a Section Editor for the school newspaper, a Comp Science Rep. at WISE Acadia, and Vice-President Internal at the Acadia Pre-Law and Legal Society. We both think Computer Science is really awesome and we have lots of fun ideas for next year!


To learn more about the Computer Science society, check out the Acadia Computer Science Society on Facebook, or email [email protected].