Some Superb Science Clubs to Join in 2020

Missed out on the club extravaganza? Need to find some extra circulars to keep yourself busy? Trying to expand your social life beyond the classroom? Look no further! If you need some more information on some great science clubs to join this semester, look no further, some great options are listed just below:

Biology Society

Hey Biologists! The Acadia Biology Society serves to enrich the academic and social experience of Acadia’s Biology students (although to be honest, there is not much room for improvement)! Whether you need assistance with your Bio courses, or want to network with professors and fellow students, our events will help you succeed as a Biologist. For 1st and 2nd year students, our weekly Bio Help Centre consists of advisory sessions for studying, scientific writing, and reviewing lecture material. If group sessions aren’t your thing, then the Biology Student Mentorship Program provides a one-on-one approach! For upper-year students, we offer our Research and Course Gong Shows, to give a baseline to students pursuing Honours, Co-Op, and/or Research Topics. One of our newest, the Annual De-Stress event, is open for everyone to discuss the physiology of stress, mental health awareness, and give feedback to our faculty (The 2nd annual destress event, “All in with Adrenaline” will take place THIS MONDAY, January 20th, beginning at 6:00PM at the KCIC Auditorium, and ending at 8:00PM with a reception (pizza and snacks provided) upstairs in the study area). A complete list of what we do would be too long, so if you are interested in our events, then please join your respective Biology Graduating Class Facebook page (below), follow our Instagram (@acadiabiologysociety), and pay attention to you emails!

Class of 2023 –

Class of 2022 –

Class of 2021 –

Class of 2020 –


WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Acadia is a group of female faculty, staff and students who gather together to promote full participation by women in STEAM fields.

Centred initially around women in academia, the group has supported learning opportunities and identified opportunities for Acadia women faculty members, staff, and students. Following a gathering held in October 2014 additional WISE Acadia priorities were identified related to mentoring, science camps for young women, and a course offering for undergraduates in Women and Science. WISE Acadia is currently developing and delivering programs and holding events to address these priorities.

WISE has been supported in these endeavours by members of Women’s and Gender Studies. The mission of WGS is to foster a vibrant, dynamic campus community that critically engages with issues of gender, sexuality, race, class and ability. Working together with WISE Acadia students, staff, and faculty, WGS strives to address inequities and draw attention to opportunities facing all women.

WISE Facebook page –

WISE Students Private group –

Acadia University Psychology Association

The Acadia University Psychology Association (AUPA) is a group of students who aim to create a community for psychology majors and students from other departments. The AUPA hosts social events and educational workshops throughout the year so undergraduate and graduate students can interact with each other and make connections with their professors.

AUPA facebook –


Climate Action Club

Acadia’s newest science club is the climate action club, who successfully rallied for climate justice this Fall. Information on their work and how to join can be found here: