Thank you, Acadia

I’m still struggling to wrap my head around how quickly 5 years can go by. I remember like yesterday my 18th birthday, and the first day of Axemen Football training camp. During my first meal hall experience, I was kindly instructed by a 5th year player to stand up on my chair, announce to the packed meal hall that it was my birthday, and sing happy birthday to myself. At the time (feeling slightly embarrassed), I had absolutely no idea that it would be the first of countless memories from Acadia that I would look back upon and grin ear to ear.

I grew up watching the Acadia Axemen play football, and at every game since I started playing at age 9, a friend or family member in the crowd always said, “That could be you someday.” Becoming an Axemen football player became my dream; and I couldn’t be more thankful that for 5 years, it was me. Something they didn’t mention to me at age 9 was that Acadia would be much more than just football.

It wasn’t an easy road. There were midterms I’d forgotten about, labs I submitted with just a title page, upwards of four shoulder separations, and even finding out how well Coach Cummins can project his voice a couple of times. Thankfully, I had the support of so many incredible people in this community, and to each and every one of you I could not have had this amazing experience without you.

Choosing to study Kinesiology is something I haven’t regretted for a single second, with one potential exception being the biomechanics final. From the top-down the entire department is packed with wonderful individuals eager to help you succeed. Administratively, I could never have made it without Kim Vaughan and Peggy Weir’s help, the support of our tremendous professors, and all the classmates who supported my absurd procrastination and knew that if I asked you a question about the assignment, I was looking for an answer pretty quickly.

During my time here, I had the opportunity to be a part of groups that easily prove how special the individuals we have at Acadia really are. From the SMILE program to Relay for Life, Cardiac Rehab to the Acadia Players Association, the amount of passion students bring towards giving back to the community is incomparable to any other university. The time, energy, effort and kindness displayed each day by so many students is what makes Acadia much more than a university and is what truly engrains us in the community.  

Wolfville – don’t ever change. Well, maybe change the cover at the Vil, that’s getting out of hand.

There’s just something special about this place, an energy that can so quickly turn heading out for one beer with a couple of friends into one of the best memories you’ll have. The support our community gives Acadia Athletics, and the entire Acadia community, each week is never overlooked. We played our AUS Championship game at 2:00 on a Tuesday, and that was the most electrifying moment I’d ever seen at Raymond Field. Thank you to all of our fans and supporters who came out each week to stand up and cheer whether we were winning or losing, whether it was hot or cold, or whatever the circumstance.

Being a member of the Acadia Axemen football team will forever be one of my proudest accomplishments. Teammates quickly became brothers and those relationships built through the blood, sweat and tears will last forever. The 2017 AUS Championship is and will forever be amongst the best moments of my life. That moment is not possible without the dedication, hustle and commitment of each and every individual in the program, not just in 2017 but also in the years leading up. From our coaching staff to athletic therapists, strength and conditioning staff, and equipment managers, nutrition consultants and all support staff, I wish I could give you each the thank you that’s deserved. You showed up each day, gave your full effort and did it all with a smile on your face. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you’ll ever know.

No matter how hard some days may have been, I always knew I had family within the Acadia community. I failed tests, took W’s, fumbled the ball, missed blocks, had too many tequila shots and questioned what in the world I was doing 95% of the time. At the same time though, I made lifelong friendships, grew up at least a little bit, and met some of the best people in the world.

Thank you, Acadia. You gave me an opportunity I could never say thank you enough for. It wasn’t always perfect, but it was always my dream.

Cam Davidson is a fifth year Kinesiology student and accomplished running back of Acadia’s Football Program.