An Interview of the President of Enactus Acadia

What is Enactus’ main mission at Acadia?


The main mission of Enactus is to create community impact and provide opportunities for students to gain skills outside the classroom. The club provides the knowledge to create community impact and student leaders,as well a space to learn skills you may not get in the program you are enrolled in. 

This is a great opportunity for people in any major to get skills in leadership and communication, which are both very transferable. We fully support students in their growth. 


What is Enactus doing to help food insecurity on campus?


Last year we had a project on food sharing which was about eliminating food waste by rescuing food in raw form. We have expanded on that, by taking that donated food and buying ingredients to create free meals for students. We did this in partnership with the ASU food cover, because it is an expansion of what our program offers. There are a lot of different barriers which contribute to food insecurity for students. Things like time, skills, and energy are needed to make healthy meals. We hope to make this solution sustainable. We are looking at a bunch of different solutions and have been learning from students. We have introduced continuous ready to eat meal offers in the students’ union buildings union market. A frozen meal can cost between $1-6 spending on what you can pass. We have been testing this over the exam season. We have lots of meals left over which we will be trying to market again. The people who have tried it so far have been telling us how convenient it is. We want to provide the option to increase accessibility and good odds on campus. 


Are there any initiatives we are most proud of ?


That is out biggest ongoing project. The team was pretty dormant during covid. We had no previous ongoing projects when i started as president. The team has grown to almost 30 students, and we are still growing every week! We are hoping to be able to further grow our team too!. We were able to provide 400 free nutritious meal during the fall semester, we also hosted a student entrepreneur case competition. That was a great opportunity for students outside of the buisness program to work on a real buisness case, which was run by students. We got to help those students grow their buisness with the marketing plans other students came up with and also provide them with grant funding. We hope to expose more students to opportunities to learn about  entrepreneurship.


Is there anything else you would like Acadia to know about Enactus?


Enactus is part of a global network. We have a campus office, but it is a part of a global organization. This is an organization filled with students looking to make a difference in our communities. We had the opportunity to attend the Enactus world cup in the Netherlands. Next year it will be Kazakhstan. We have been able to be part of this huge network of students who are working to create an impact in their respective communities.

Being involved opens so many doors. It is a recognized network across Canada. We have a lot of fun together as a team and do a lot of social events as well as travel opportunities. We got to attend events in Halifax, Toronto, and Montreal as well, which is a lot of fun and more than just work. 


Thank you very much!