A Heavy Crown

Wyatt walked through the trail behind the castle. Wind blowing through his blond hair. Being alone he could forget about his prince duties. “It was stupid,” he thought “not being allowed to go out alone.’ That never stopped him, however, and has managed to get good at sneaking out… most of the time. It wasn’t long before he heard footsteps. He quickened his pace, unsurprised by this, but the person was faster. Nicholas Wyatt’s guard was assigned to him three years ago, after the last one quit. Nicholas stopped in front of Wyatt “What are you doing by yourself… and without your crown?”

“Going for a walk, I didn’t feel like putting it on.”

“You know you’re not supposed to leave without me.”

“When, when will I be able to go out on my own?” Wyatt pleaded.

“That’s not up to me to decide,” Nicholas said. 

“I’m nineteen, I should be allowed.”

“Remember a few months ago when you came back with a broken arm, people are still out to get you.”

“I remember, but nothing has happened since.”

“You never know what can happen.”

“Can we go back to the castle now?”

“Very well sir.”


   “I think it’s time,” Wyatt’s mother said.    

“Time for what?” Wyatt replied.

“For you to receive this,” she then passed Wyatt a sword.

Wyatt picked up the sword examining the black and gold hilt. His eyes resting upon the red gem at the bottom. “This is father’s sword.”

“We both decided, that with your unexpected outings, you should be able to defend yourself, we don’t want anything happening to the future king.”

Wyatt’s eyes widened, “Does this mean I can go out on my own now?”

“We would prefer if you took Nicholas with you, but we know how hard it is to prevent you sneaking out.”

“Where are you going with this?”

“You may go out on your own, this will be a trial,” Wyatt’s mother said. “The first time something happens Nicholas will guard you again.”

Wyatt grinned, “Thank you, I will protect myself as much as possible.”

“You will still have a guard at events.”

“Of course.”

“When you go out please be back before midnight.”

“Consider it done.”


  Wyatt was sitting in a little tavern, casually willing his glass to move closer to him. He never gets tired of using his power. Looking around, he noticed a girl challenging people to a game of cards. That could be fun, he thought, getting up to sit at her table. 

“Have you played before?” Aria asked. 

“Yes, just never in a tavern, first time in one actually.”

“You’ve been missing out,”

“Do I look familiar?” Wyatt said quickly.   

 “No, why do you ask?”

This was it Wyatt thought, a chance to be seen as more than just the prince. “Sometimes I get people saying I look familiar.” 

“Oh… shall we start the game?”


After a few rounds a crowd had begun to form around Wyatt and Aria.

Aria placed her cards down first, “two torches and three gems, beat that”

“I just might,” Wyatt said, placing three chalices and a dragon.  

“You beat me, good game,” Aria said in disbelief, reaching her hand out to shake Wyatt’s. 

“It was indeed a good game,” Wyatt said as he shook Aria’s hand.