Small Pond Syndrome

October 9, 2017 Alex McKaigue 0

Why did you come to Acadia? I’m sure for multiple little reasons: the beautiful campus, the regional reputation, athletics, location, scholarships, or you’re just a […]

A Space for Aces in the Media

October 9, 2017 Rachel Sparling 2

Content warning: aphobia, sexual coercion.   It’s no secret that representation of the LGBTQ+ in mainstream media often varies from non-existent, or inaccurate, to problematic and damaging. While it may not […]

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An Arts Degree

October 8, 2017 Kyle Thompson-Clement 0

“You’re an arts major?” *eyebrows raised to hairline. * An arts major’s monthly, if not weekly, response to their choice of education. Anyone taking History, […]

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Slow Fall of Summer

October 8, 2017 Thomas Morgan 0

Lush and Vibrant foliage begins to shed. Trees slowly undress for the season. Leaves burn red. Embarrassed of eventual nudity or, perhaps, heated at the […]