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for Billy

February 11, 2016 Thomas Morgan 0

Longing for kindred fascination of wild, of inscrutable universes that trickle through ears eyes nose mouth skin Invisible light particles transmitting the reality of heartmind […]

Humorous Horoscopes

February 10, 2016 Contributors 0

Aries: Tell yourself that life is too hard. Now stop. You are better than that. Spend some time watching Netflix – it’s really the best […]

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Times Old Roman

January 29, 2016 Thomas Morgan 0

I write when I’m sad, or angry, or anxious, or alone. I hope I find someone that makes me feel like not writing.

Crossword 78.6

January 29, 2016 Colin Mitchell 0

ACROSS 1) Rosebud from ‘Citizen Kane’ 5) Above 9) Controls 11) Proverb 12) What T-Pain wanted to buy ‘Shawty’ 13) University _____ Dame 14) Coldplay […]

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Light walker

January 29, 2016 Thomas Morgan 0

All of the people at the library are beautiful, reflecting the glow of Swedish architecture and gentle care of alphabetization They exude the lush world […]

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January 29, 2016 Thomas Morgan 0

 It’s your first day of school, and your teacher’s really nice. She gives you a piece of paper and tells you to write About what […]

Today is hard

November 19, 2015 Contributors 0

Today is hard Today is weird For sake of vanity I will not mention What happened last is clear Another Radical angle Another Line portrayed […]